Thursday, December 28, 2017

In the midst of a marital war..

I asked God to let me see you,

the real you,  as He sees you.

He did...

and with shocking clarity
I saw your brokeness,
your harrowing sadness,
your fear,
and your astonishing goodness
shining so bright it encased all the rest.

I sprung from my chair
and ran to you
unable to do anything else
but love you.

I think I found a key
to love eternal.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I have come to understand a few things......

I have had this blog private.  It was just for me to vent and despair.  But I have decided that maybe others need to be able to relate to someone when they are in there own darkness. So I have changed the settings.  And I trust that someone might be led to this small quiet place and be reassured that they are not alone.

Things I have come to understand:

1.  The ideal marriage is a farce.  Okay there may be a select few who get the dream romance, beautiful wedding, happily ever after, without struggle.  But I think there are very few.  I can only think of two couples and one of them seems somewhat phony.  So maybe marriage is supposed to be hard.  Maybe the struggle is what makes us grow as individuals and grow together.  And maybe the ideal, happily ever after marriage is a plot by the Adversary himself, to make us feel like our marriage isn't up to par or maybe isn't even "right" or that we married the wrong person.

2.  Every struggle, every difficulty, is refining.  It improves us if we allow it and we attempt to learn from it.  Like sandpaper smooths wood by the tireless grating off of minute particles, our being is sharpened smoothed and beautified by the strife.  It is often easier to focus on the despair without looking at the end result. One night in frustration I prayed and told God "This is not fair.  This is so not fair!"  And in a still small voice I heard distinctly "No, but it is refining".  God has plans for me.  He can make me into something I cannot even imagine.  If and only if I let Him.

3. God is there and He is the source of all love.  And as the source, the spring, you can always go to Him to refill your heart when it is empty.  So many times I have hit my knees begging to fill my heart and help me love more time.  And He does, each and every time I ask.

4.  Everything not right in this life will be made right in the world to come.  I put great stock in that.  I don't know how it will be made right.  But it will.

5.  There are compensations.  God  does bless us infinitely, even in the midst of the struggle.  And it is best to focus on the joy that is there to be found.  And there is joy.  So much joy!

6.  I am not responsible for anyone's happiness but my own.  His anger is his.  It may be depression, frustration, or fatigue but it is his.  I cannot make him happy.  That is his choice. I can't force him to feel or love.  And I have to remember that I have the same choice.  He cannot make me feel guilty or sad.  He can throw out worded barbs but I do not have to accept them as truth.

7.  Comparing makes you sad.  Comparing your life, your home, your kids, your wealth, ... anything takes the focus from what you Have to what you Don't Have and that.... will never help you be happy.

Hold on.  Pray.  Stay the course.  Love as you can.  And don't ever forget... you are not the only one in the dark.

Monday, September 24, 2012

It took me a long time to realize that the anger is not anger. At least not in you. Anger, it seems, for you is a way to say "look at me, take me by the hand, tell me I am still valuable to you even in my weakened state. Tell me some way you can love this battered shell of a man that I have become."

When I see that. I can take your hand. I can hold you. I can.

how did I go on?

The question was asked of me.  How do I go on.  I reread the posts and once again relive the pain and despair of a spouse with a chronic illness.
Things are so much better now.
We are so passed the tenuous - is this marriage even going to survive?
We survived and we will continue to do so.

And life is good now.

But why?

He didn't get better.
Life didn't get easier.

Is it because I found my worth?
Is it because I found his?
Is it because my Father in Heaven held us together when we were trying to push ourselves apart?

I love my husband.
He is my very best friend.

It took a looooonnnng time to find that out.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

You say it's time for us to part ways.
You say alll we do is argue.
You say we don't even like each other anymore.

the really scary thing
is not that you touted these things
(which by the way are ALL untrue)

nor is it that you seem so
easily able to cast me aside

the really scary thing is that

it didn't even hurt.

Is my heart so encased in scar tissue
and concrete barriers I have built
that I no longer feel the pain?


if I no longer feel the pain -
can i even still feel love?

But I can and do feel love.

I choose to believe that once again
depression has reared it's ugliness.
you are off your meds
your self worth has plummeted again.

And we will go on.